“College isn’t for everyone,” or “look how successful so and so is, and he didn’t go to college.” Some of the most common replies you’ll hear when discussing going back to school… It can be harder for people who have to support a family, where getting a job takes priority over getting a college education. Let’s face it, for some – it’s difficult to see the real benefits of college and earning a degree can feel like an impossible hurdle. But in almost every situation this turns out to be not true once you really think about it from A to Z.

Well, guess what folks? The truth will set you free! And the truth is that a college degree actually has the effect of removing hurdles from your life. Not convinced? Let’s break it down and explore how a college degree can truly change your life – for the better!

College + graduate = more money
Ok, so maybe money doesn’t buy happiness, but it can buy Junior that Xbox, dance lessons for Suzie and maybe even that vacation in Cabo you’ve been dreaming about. The reality is that not having enough money can certainly affect your quality of life in many ways. College graduates reportedly earn on average – 60% more than high school graduates and those with degrees above a bachelor’s degree level, average more than double in earnings. Talk about removing a boulder-sized hurdle!

More educated, more opportunities
You worked so hard. You know you’re the right person for that promotion that’s up for grabs. But just like the growing number of companies out there, your company requires a bachelor’s degree for this position. You might be the most competent person for the job, but no degree means a closed door to that opportunity. And while having a degree is no guarantee you’ll get every job you go after, not having one can be the reason you never get a shot at it. Removing that hurdle with a degree, is like having a key to a bunch of previously locked doors! 

Let’s rub elbows
There are other aspects of college besides earning a degree that can impact your future in a positive way. The time you spend building key relationships and networking – is beyond valuable. It’s not all sitting in boring lectures and slogging through homework. You’ll be building the foundation of your professional network and many people find their dream job through the contacts in their college network.

Bring on the benefits
Earning more money can definitely change your life for the better, but where there is better money – there tends to be better benefits too! Companies who actively seek college graduates often use attractive benefit packages to entice employees to work for them. Healthcare, retirement, vacation and even travel – all tend to be better for those with college degrees. That can provide a whole lot of security for you and your family!

Having a college degree can go a long way towards removing the hurdles between you and the life you dream of. It can help you find your way to not only a rewarding career, but to the person you were meant to be! If you’d like to learn more about changing your life for the better with the power of education, check out the programs at City College. City College is helping students from all walks of life unlock doors and knock down hurdles to a brighter future. With a ton of degree and certificate programs to choose from and a team of talented, supportive instructors, this is the place to transform your life for the better. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule a tour of one of our five campus locations.