My Name is Fariyal Ali and I worked in Retail management for over 30 years. I was burnt out and wanted a change of career. In May of 2014 I was laid off and my life was changing rapidly. I was going through a divorce, my son was getting ready to go off to college and now I was unemployed.

As I was driving, I noticed an advertisement on a bus and decided to visit City College to see what they had to offer. My intention was to continue the Radiology program that I had started a number of years prior, when I lived in NC. After speaking to a city college representative I realized I may have to change my trend of studies. I was introduced to the CVS program and met with Mr. Mark Berges, the director of the CVS program. He indicated it was a very challenging program and I assured him I was up to the challenge.

I started the program in Oct 2014 at the tender age of 47years old and now that I was divorced and my son was away in college, I put all of my effort into my studies. Over the next 2 years I kept my grades up, never missed a day of school and worked extremely hard to complete the program.

In completing the program I wasted no time in preparing to take my Registry exam. I knew with this credential I would have better job opportunities. It took me six months of studies, showing up to every Physic review and spending every minute with Dr Hurtado when she had extra time to tutor me.


My advice to people starting the program:

It is not an easy program but consistency, dedication and an honest effort you can definitely be successful. NOTHING is impossible.


Advice for people getting ready for the Registry exam:

Dedicate 3-6months of solid studies and be persistent. Follow the guidance of Dr Hurtado, she is a brilliant professor, my success is because of her guidance and knowledge. Complete as many mock exam and questions as you possibly can. Attend every review provided to you by City College …IT IS FREE!!! Get together in groups and quiz each other because we all have different perceptions of different topics…we can learn from each other.

Work hard dream big. Success occurs when your dreams are bigger than your excuses.

Good Luck!!!