As you decide on college to continue your education after high school, one thing you should consider is the importance of a small class environment.


This has become a major decision factor for several students, especially after attending high schools with a large enrollment. What you need to consider is a small class environment compared to a large lecture hall, this might be the factor in a letter grade and how customized your class experience can be.

  • Team Work: If you poll the students and faculty members at City College, you will hear them say the smaller class environment give each student an opportunity to know their instructors and work on team assignments.
  • Small Class Setting Allows Engagement:  This is imperative in the success of a student.  In a small class environment you are more likely to engage with other students and the instructor.  The goal is to collaborate and feel that you are part of the conversation.
  • Instructor Communication: In addition to small class environment benefiting the students, it also allows the instructor to communicate with the students one-on-one, now the instructor can create lesson plans that fit best with their students and provide the optimal learning experience for the students.
  • Improve Presentation Skills: When it comes time for presentations, small class environment creates a comfortable learning experience for speaking in public settings.  This learning environment helps buildconfidence.

Small class environment gives students the opportunity to make new friends and not feel shy  about contributing during the classes. Students at City College say, they have made some good friends through the small class sizes and it gives them a chance to create connections with other students especially when the class needs to break up into group projects.  Several of the City College classes require you to have study groups.  Any time you can interact with your peers outside of the classroom and encourage each other is considered a benefit.

At City College we know you are here for an education, but we feel the small classrooms are an encouraging environment to build lasting student relationships with your classmates and your instructors.

Our instructors have also indicated that small classes tend to have larger attendance as opposed to large lecture halls.  The reason for this could be students want to be accountable to their peers and enjoy seeing their friends in class and engaging with one another. With nearly 6,000 students, City College has an excellent student to instructor ratio.

If you are interested in returning to school and want the benefit of smaller class size, we encourage you to visit our campus to set up a VIP Campus Tour and see our small class sizes for yourself. We offer regular campus tours at our Fort Lauderdale, Gainesville, Miami, Hollywood, and Altamonte Springs locations, one of our admissions representatives will be happy to help you make arrangements.