If you are one of the countless people who long for an 8th day of the week because there never seems to be quite enough time to accomplish everything on your to-do list, it might be hard to imagine how you could possibly add more to your plate. Enrolling in classes to pursue your dream job, or to advance your existing career, can seem like a daunting prospect when trying to juggle your busy life. But – you also can’t stop thinking about that dream job, or how badly you want that promotion – and you know what you need to do to get there. You’re just not sure yet how to pull it off without that 8th day of the week.

Fortunately, technology has changed the world of higher education, and millions of students are pursuing their educations either completely online or supplementing their traditional class schedule with online classes to be able to manage their time better. And there are absolutely tangible benefits to online classes including:

Comfort is king – The obvious advantage to online classes is the ability to study in whatever setting you find the most comfortable. Whether it’s the coffee shop or the couch in your pajamas, you get to decide what works the best for you!

Stop, rewind, start over – While many online classes are structured and require online attendance, many allow you to work at your own pace. If you don’t quite understand that chapter on accounting, you can pause, re-read it as many times as necessary and focus on the areas you need to.

Bang for your buck – It’s a no-brainer that the cost for traditional classes is typically higher than online programs. The digital world has made it easy to cut out overhead costs associated with a physical classroom setting.

No wheels, no problem – Getting to class is never an issue, and think about how much you can save in fuel costs if you never have to drive to class?!

Time is on your side – You can study at your own pace when it suits your schedule. Whether you’re a night owl or an early bird, online programs give you the freedom and flexibility to call the shots on how you pipe knowledge into your noggin!

The fact is there is no 8th day to the week, making online programs the perfect solution to    pursuing your higher education goals. City College is helping students continue, or start their higher education in a unique, supportive online learning environment designed for the busy student.

The Bachelor of Science Online Program in Health Care Administration teaches students the basics of the U.S. health care system and critical skills in health care finance, law, information management systems, and much more. For the business student, the Bachelor of Science in Management Online Program teaches core business skills including – accounting, human resources, business law and ethics, as well as building a strong foundation in the latest technologies and the global business marketplace. Both programs have an active online student community and are highly interactive, meshing the best of both worlds for an engaging learning experience. Call City College today to learn more and get ready to take your education to the next level on your terms!