If you’re thinking about taking classes online, chances are you have a busy schedule, and you’re juggling work and home commitments. You want to be successful taking your classes, and you know you’ll need a lot of support.

So where do you go from here? How will you get to your ultimate goal of walking across the graduation stage with your diploma in hand?

City College’s unique MyCity Online program stands above the rest as an online school with a warm, personal environment committed to the success of its students.

MyCity Online has a 92% completion rate! That means that more than 90% of the students who start an online class go on to complete it. And 77% of those students complete their course with a passing grade.

So the majority of our students are completing their classes and passing with the support of dedicated faculty.  These faculty members have real-world experience. They can translate that experience into the online classroom, making those connections for you. And they’ll guide you in your courses toward the career of your choice, all the way up to graduation day!

When you compare MyCity Online’s success rates to the average online college, you can see the difference! The average completion rate for the top online schools all over the country is 55%. Here’s where we stack up against the competition:

City College                            92%

Kaplan University                      70%

Strayer University                     52%

Ashford University                     41%

Grand Canyon University          39%

University of Phoenix                38%

Capella University                     20%

As you can see, MyCity Online is far above the rest in ensuring that our students are supported in completing their courses successfully. MyCity Online is truly committed to the success of students! If you’re looking for a small, student-centered, personal learning experience contact our staff, so we can guide you through the process of getting started!