Start Your New Career as an Anesthesia Technologist in Just Two Years or Less!

Just imagine, if you will, a career in a fast paced environment where you’re helping patients, children and families. You are working in a major hospital with an educational degree and having your national certification in a specialized health career. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Then Anesthesia Technology at City College is the program for you. In just two years or less you can become one of the many Anesthesia Technologists throughout the world that are assisting the anesthesia care team during some of the most critical and most invasive surgical procedures to save a patients’ life.

The training and education you receive at City College is cutting edge and we provide real-life scenario training in our lab courses to educate you, the student, on how to become an active team member of the anesthesia care team. Assisting with obtaining airway control, placement of intravenous lines for transfusion or placing monitors on the patient for assessment – it’s all needed to perform the surgery and procedure safely and efficiently throughout the entire surgery. Anesthesia Technologists are a vital member of any operating room team.

Approved through ASATT, completion of the program will result in obtaining an associate’s degree and the eligibility of challenging the American Society of Anesthesia Technologists and Technicians Certification Exam. Your credentials will be recognized throughout the entire global market of healthcare institutions.

The graduates of City College are being sought out by local and out-of-state hospitals from Montana, Iowa, Tennessee and Pennsylvania – to name a few.  This field is quickly growing and the job opportunities for our students are amazing. Call City College today and make an appointment to speak with one of our admissions representatives and one of program manager. You’ll be glad that you did!