Mission and Objectives

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The mission of City College is to educate and train students in their chosen major for employment in specific career fields. The College awards Associate of Science or Bachelor of Science Degrees based on the student’s successful completion of required coursework.


Building a legacy of excellence is our intent. Positioning City College as a compelling choice for potential students is one of our goals. In today’s dynamic and highly fluid environment of higher education, to stay ahead, we must press ahead. Yet, we seek new dimensions of providing an “Extraordinary Educational Experience”, not simply because we aim to forge ahead, but because, at the very core of it all, there is an ethical obligation.


To maintain employer satisfaction within the community by providing professionally trained and educated graduates for industry, business, health care and government.

To encourage students to realize the importance of reaching personal and professional goals through self-motivation, individual growth and the pursuit of excellence.

To prepare students for employment in specific career fields.

To facilitate entry of graduates into their chosen careers.

To offer sound educational programs at the Diploma, Associate’s and Bachelor’s Degree levels.

To continually evaluate and appraise every facet of the College’s programs to ensure relevance to the needs of the employment community, effective preparation of students for success in career and compatibility with the College’s standards.