If you assumed that being a paralegal meant working in a law firm, doing research, drafting documents, and otherwise assisting lawyers, you weren’t totally wrong. Many paralegals do that kind of work and do it in the typical setting of a law office. But did you know that there are many other opportunities available for someone with paralegal training? If you earn your associate’s degree in legal assisting and paralegal studies from City College, you could find yourself in any one of these surprising and rewarding careers:


1.       Working with a public defender.

Public defenders are the attorneys assigned to protect the rights of those people who have been accused of a crime but can’t afford their own legal team. It is an important job and it can be satisfying and rewarding to be a part of the public legal system. Public defender offices need paralegals to assist with putting together evidence, drafting communications, and preparing summonses, pre-trial agreements, and other important aspects of making a defense case.

2.       Judicial paralegals.

Paralegals don’t just work with attorneys. Judges need assistance too, and paralegals have the skills and training needed to help them draft decisions, do legal research, and other important tasks.

3.       Legal assisting for a non-profit organization.

If you have always wanted to give back with your work, consider assisting a non-profit group with legal duties. The type of work that these groups do is highly varied, so you can choose whether you want to work for community organizations that help the poor, large national groups that take legal actions to protect the environment, or legal aid groups that provide legal support to underserved groups. The options are limitless.

4.       Medical paralegals.

Working as a paralegal is one way that you can have a career in the field of health care, although not many people realize this is a possibility. Hospitals, insurance companies, medical centers, and private practices all need legal support and the assistance of paralegals.

5.       Work from home as a contract paralegal.

More and more people are doing it in all different lines of work, so why not paralegals? You can contract out your services to law firms and other clients and work remotely as a freelancer. Make your own schedule, work as little or as much as you want, and be your own boss. All you’ll need is a computer with internet access and a phone and you can set your own hours and have more flexibility to spend time with family and doing other things you enjoy.


Working as a paralegal does not have to mean dedicating your services to a private law firm, although that is an option too. With the skills and training you get with a degree from City College, your options are nearly endless. Choose the kind of career in law that you want and make it happen. Get started today by contacting City College for more information on how to train as a paralegal.