Allied Health: 6 Awesome Careers

Allied healthcare careers are extremely diverse. There is something for everyone, and no matter what your interests might entail, the chances are good that you will find a niche to fit your unique set of wants and desires.. So, If you are thinkin..

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5 Quality Traits Every Paralegal Should Have

You think you’ve got what it takes to pursue a career in the legal arena.  You watch crime dramas and read suspense novels, and try to solve cases along with your favorite characters.  You pride yourself on being a scrupulous individual; and, fri..

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A Day in the Life of an Obstetric Nurse

Obstetric nurses, or OB nurses, have one of the most unique and rewarding jobs in healthcare. These nursing professionals are responsible for helping welcome babies into the world and taking care of them during their first few days of life. They care..

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City College Celebrates World Health Day!

City College Proudly Celebrates World Health Day 2018 It’s that time of year again-- World Health Day! Every year, on April 7th, the World Health Organization (WHO) sponsors this amazing global health campaign. This year’s theme is “Universal ..

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